Celebration of the Word with Children

Plant The seed

The Celebration of the Word with Children is part of the Eucharistic celebration on Sundays of the school year. It follows the norms of the Directory for Masses with Children established in 1973. The Liturgy of the Word with children follows the same structure as the Liturgy of the Word with the general assembly at Mass. The children return to the church with the ending of the main assembly’s Liturgy of the Word. Many parishioners assist in this ministry.

The purpose of the Liturgy of the Word for Children is to allow children to gain a perspective of the Gospel relative to their understanding. Children’s Liturgy places meaning into the Word for children. The message is given in a simplified format and they can become actively involved. It allows children to have direct input into their understanding of the Gospels.

Children’s Liturgy encourages families to go to Mass with the assurance of a positive focus on their children. Additionally, Chidren’s Liturgy allows parents the space to listen more intently to the Readings, Gospel and Homily during Mass time.

Watch this video to see what we do at Children’s Liturgy.