Care and Concern

The Care and Concern Group welcomes new parishioners, provides them with information about the parish and assists them to integrate into the parish community.

The group ensures that those members of the community such as the elderly, housebound, ill, bereaved or isolated, are supported through home visits and reception of the Sacraments. They also provide them with information about the services available in the community.

The Care and Concern group co-ordinates a Visiting Group to assist in occasional visits to those in need.

We aim to be a caring presence in the parish, providing a connection between parishioners and their Parish Priest and also with members of the Pastoral Council.

Some strategies for achieving our goals:

  • Contact new parishioners and ask if they would like a visit from a member of the parish.
  • Arrange for members of the Visiting Group to visit those who would appreciate an occasional visit at home.
  • Ensure that Information Packs about the parish are provided in the church and for new parishioners.
  • Organise morning tea after the Masses of Anointing of the Sick and help with transport to the Mass if requested.
  • Provide light refreshments after Funerals of parishioners if the Parish Priest requests this.
  • Ensure that those who are unable to attend weekly Mass have access to the Sacraments, especially those at Maranoa and the SDA village. This happens through the weekly ministry of Communion to the Sick and through the Parish priest’s regular visits or special visits when requested
  • Keep in touch with other care activities and services such as LinC, St Vincent de Paul, St Joseph’s School, Family Day, Monthly Morning Teas, Pancake Sunday and Family Groups.
  • Maintain the Care and Concern section of the parish website to provide information about what the Care and Concern Group does.